Digital garden and journal of Allan Reyes

Link Pack Weekly

This is the first post for Link Pack Weekly! Is a collection of the week’s interesting and useful stuff I found or stumbled upon the Internet.

Cloudflare DNS Cloudflare’s privacy-first public DNS resolver is now available as a mobile app to easily use it to get faster, more private Internet experience. A must!

Google Chrome Labs project launched VisBug, a Chrome extension that make any webpage feel like an artboard.

“Private by Design: …” A post by Mozilla that explain in a comprehensive and illustrated way how they created Firefox Sync. Another compelling reason why I came back using Firefox as my defaulf browser.

Squoosh is an image compression web app that allows you to dive into the advanced options provided by various image compressors.

I am using Jekyll as the site generator for Pixeleden. It is simple and reliable to get started with.

Dormant Not Extinct

It’s so nice to be back again! Idle no more because today I am clearing the weeds and get it up running and live again.

Web garden and online journal

Pixeleden has served me well as my online portfolio that showcase my work as a digital designer but now I will be moving my portfolio in my resumé website. Pixeleden then will be my blog to share ideas, resources and interesting stuff that I find useful. It will also be a sandbox to test ideas. Since it is a journal, I will also feature photographs I made and meant something to me.

A work in progress

Continuous improvement, a practice we adhere at work is also something I will employ to approach the rebuilding Pixeleden.