Link Pack Weekly #9

Wonderful butterfly wings, CSS old and new, Ascii to SVG editor, color blindness, coronavirus, a decade of hack and more...

Winter 2016

Snow adventures in Madrid's snow mountain in Los Cotos

Link Pack Weekly #8

MacDown, Saul Bass logo design lifespan, asciinema to record your Terminal sessions, restored archive of Geocities sites, Seiko 7S26 DIY reference, and more...

Link Pack Weekly #7

Lego ISS, JetBrains Mono font, Neon to generate art piece using 2D vector field, well illustrated post on CSS cascade, AWK, Taal volcano eruption...

How to Make Shortcodes in Zola

Shortcodes is a nifty feature that provides a tidy way to insert messy HTML blocks such as video embeds and content blocks that require some specific visual presentation...

KALYE: Waiting for the Go

A group of women waiting for the go sign to cross the street.

KALYE: Wet Floors

Protect your livelihood while finding joy in doing it

KALYE — A Street Photography Series

I am moving my street photograph here at it's new home at PixelEden

Link Pack Weekly #6

Featured: Vivian Maier works in color, MagicaVoxel — 8-bit voxel art editor/GPU, learn about Dark Patterns in websites, how CSS can be used for user tracking, and more...

Switching to Zola

I am switching from Jekyll to Zola as the site generator for Pixeleden. Looks like Zola offers the best of both world: build speed and ease of templating...

Link Pack Weekly #5

The fifth editon of Link Pack Weekly.

Link Pack Weekly #4

Featured: Isle of Dogs sushi scene, food advertisement tricks, the font your optician use for glass prescription tests, and more...