KALYE: Wet Floors

Protect your livelihood while finding joy in doing it

KALYE — A Street Photography Series

I am moving my street photograph here at it's new home at PixelEden

Link Pack Weekly #6

Featured: Vivian Maier works in color, MagicaVoxel — 8-bit voxel art editor/GPU, learn about Dark Patterns in websites, how CSS can be used for user tracking, and more...

Switching to Zola

I am switching from Jekyll to Zola as the site generator for Pixeleden. Looks like Zola offers the best of both world: build speed and ease of templating...

Link Pack Weekly #5

The fifth editon of Link Pack Weekly.

Link Pack Weekly #4

Featured: Isle of Dogs sushi scene, food advertisement tricks, the font your optician use for glass prescription tests, and more...

Link Pack Weekly #3

The third editon of Link Pack Weekly.