On this photo series I will be sharing my passion for street photography. I have a Tumblr but since I have rebuilt PixelEden, I will be moving all the photographs here as its new home and keeping its respective original post date and caption text. Here are the very first three photographs:

A photograph of a woman cleaning the glass window of a restaurant bar

We’re open (Abierto)… well, almost

A photograph of a man seated in a Metro train solving a Suduko puzzle on a newspaper.


After ‘surviving a Monday’ (which a lot of people say a lot every Monday, not sure why they complain about Mondays)

… nothing is more refreshing than cracking a table of numbers.

Or perhaps just passing time while passing by Metro stations. He looked tired but seems happy. I guess he likes Monday or even Tuesday…

I’ll pass with the Sudoku but will press the shutter instead – that is my game.

A photograph of two old men in front of Museo del Jamón restaurant discussing the menu board next to the door entrance in Madrid, Spain.

Lunch decision has to be settled – so many choices

I will repost all the photos from Tumblr and will continue to post on this series some recent photographs I made and to keep me continually motivated to shoot.